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Oct 27, - Holding Trisha's urethra open, she pressed the tube against the pee-hole, roughly twisting and pushing until it started to slide in, shoving it almost completely inside her. The tube felt like it was tearing her open as it slid in and stretched Trisha's urethra. The officer kneeled down again and looked up into the. Stories | Ginney - Part 1 Dianna. Age: 27. i make meet in your room i like every thing u no want me to leave That's all - then we get you your clothes and you can dress and leave. Jun 1, - A Hole New World. By Anonymous ยท June 01, Edit Story. I never knew that it was called "sounding" until I recently discovered BME, but from By then I had learned a lot more about anatomy and sexuality, and I had stuck common nails, soda straws, rods, and many other things up my piss hole. Yana. Age: 21. This girl is a naughty Russian entertainer with unique looks Stretching Peggy's Bladder So much so, that after a while Ginney began to accept the soap enemas, the probing, the stretching and examining of her internal organs. .. Ginney had no idea that nurse Alcott had planned this penetration many months ago even though she knew that her peehole had been stretched far beyond the normal size for girls. In the meantime, we need to stretch the slut's piss-hole during her training until it will accept his pencil dick. She hates it, but is so under control she will do it without question now. When the time is right, we'll let him fuck her pisshole in return for certain humiliations, yet to be decided on. This will be possible by unlocking the.

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Svetlana. Age: 19. Young,beautiful and sexy lady,looking to offer you the best moments and high quality time Explaining that he needed a sample, but it would have to be taken from inside her bladder, it was necessary that he stretched her pee hole really wide, and then sucked all her water out with a syringe on a long tube so he could test it. Katie's eyes went wide as he showed her the shiny steel rod he was going to use to stretch. "And", Harry continued, "We asked you to pee for us, and you said you couldn't, because you had just, er, urinated. So you must They had her lean with her back against the tree, spread her legs wide apart, and stretch her hands as far above her head as she could reach. The two . Promise you won't give this story out?". Apr 24, - I started my wifes peehole stretching with small tiny objects and catheters. After she read the story mentioned above, she became very gung ho. We are now up to 1 inch diameter peehole toys! She cums better than ever in her life since we started the peehole stretching. I work the toy or my fingers in and out.


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