Convair super hustler project

Jul 16, - Article on Convair FISH. We noted in the first part of this four-part series that the Convair Super Hustler had to be small because it was to be launched from below a B Hustler. It had to be fast to Even before Project Rainbow, the US Air Force funded some U-2 successor studies as early as Super Hustler, FISH, Kingfish, And Beyond (Part 1: Super Hustler) | Code One Magazine Leonora. Age: 23. christy How was it supposed to take off? Before the U-2 became operational in June , CIA officials had estimated that the U-2's life expectancy for its particular airframe design to be able to fly safely over the Soviet Union would be between 18 months and two years. For Project Gusto, the concept had been simplified and reduced to a single aircraft. Code-named FISH or First Invisible Super Hustler, the aircraft was based on a lifting body design that bears some resemblance to the ASSET of a few years later. It differed in having the nose taper down to a flat horizontal line instead of the  ‎Background · ‎FISH · ‎Kingfish · ‎Aftermath. Ludovica. Age: 25. For my safety only Hotels on the Strip! Super Hustler, FISH, Kingfish, And Beyond (Part 1: Super Hustler) Dec 31, - Convair Super Hustler, Fish & Kingfish. What do you know about the Convair Kingfish? Got any pics or design info? - question from Andy Barrientos. Although the Convair Kingfish was developed during the s, it remains relatively mysterious even today. What is known is that the Kingfish was a concept  Missing: project. Dec 3, - I woul like to know something about the kinfish proposal for a strategic recon aircraft (in the competition won by the lockheed a) and about the super hustler design. Unfortunately the only information i foud are in Russian (quite strange for united states secret projects)Convair B Hustler.

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Trinity. Age: 21. Hi there! Glad you took the time to meet me! My name is Mimi In the book he talks about a top secret project called Kingfish (not to be confused with the Russian AS-6 Kingfish) which was a competitor or possibly the successor to the A12/SR71 setup. The design began as a B parasite known as Super Hustler. . Some other pictures of Convair Fish and KingFish. To overcome this limitation, Convair decided to propose the use of a larger, faster version of their BA Hustler bomber, known as the BB Super Hustler, as the launch platform for a combination of manned and unmanned vehicles, known as 'parasites'. The manned 'parasite' consisted of a ft long winged vehicle. Jan 4, - During the winter of , Convair proposed a new type of bombing system to the Air Force, one based on the use of the B Hustler as a carrier aircraft for a new, high-speed parasite aircraft. The project was given the name Super Hustler, although the parasite aircraft itself was to be based on a.


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