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Guys, my best friend showed me his penis and let me stroke him off twice. What does he see me as? So my friend and I are very open about sex and each others bodies. We often tell each other how we like to be touched but it's never been more than swapping asked under Sexual Behavior. My friend just showed me his penis, does that mean he likes me? - GirlsAskGuys Ella. Age: 22. I'm actually 25 years old Ignore comments from people like that as they are not equiped to deal with reality. People still say shit like that like it's meaningful? Sure enough he thumbs out his giant thick uncut dick right in front of me and I just stared at it speechlessly. Then tells me it's "not even hard" which I could definitely tell was a lie. He got a little weirded out and put it away, told me not to tell anyone and we kicked it for a while longer. His bulge was still fuckingĀ  My wife's friend showed me her bare ass. Should I tell. Jessica. Age: 24. A little bit about me: My friend made me his cock slave and i loved it Feb 29, - Well, if you really liked seeing his penis then I'd say that you are at least experiencing a same sex infatuation. If you continue to fantasize about having sex with this friend, then chances are you are gay. Relax, man. It may develop to where you are gay and it may not. All adolescents normally have same sex. Jul 27, - He likes you have sex with him because he seems like he will do it if you want or you can make out with him because im pretty sure he will do that't expect for a serious relationship though just a little secret between you somewhere private with him and start talking about sexual things.

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Chessie. Age: 21. i am everything that makes a woman desirable: passionate, unpredictable, adventurous, soft, sweet, and yes...pretty naughty in the bedroom! Dec 5, - You two were just messing around. It wasn't as though he was doing it out of sexual intentions (since you dared him. I'm aware that you weren't asking him to show you his penis) It was probably a one time thing, so you shouldn't freak out and blow things out of proportion. Besides, he seemed nervous and. Recently my friend sent me a picture of his penis, because I admitted that I was curious about it and I was worried that it was making things tense between us. (He's straight and I'm gay.) I don't think he may be gay in the slightest. I'm wondering is it normal for a straight man to be so at ease showing a gay friend his penis? Feb 17, - He started to touch my penis through my trousers and ask if it felt alright which it did. Then he asked me to do the same so i did and he was already hard. I stopped then he said if you show yours i'll show mine so i showed him and we both got ours out together. He rubbed mine so i did the same to his.


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