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60 Minutes profiles the world's tallest midget. THE WORLD'S TALLEST MIDGET: The Best of Frank Deford by Frank Deford | Kirkus Reviews Loni. Age: 26. Chienne cathy Is there a legal height threshold to be defined as a little person? Sep 4, - The "Tallest Midget" is when someone or something is the best at something, but that something isn't anything special. The tallest midget is the tallest one of his group - but although he is the tallest midget - he is still, at the end of the day, a midget. Also could be called the "Hottest Garbageman". Dyanna. Age: 20. i will give priority to those who message with a firm date, time, duration, any special requests and a phone number in their first email to me. Questions? If, as accepted wisdom has it, the sports department is the toy shop of journalism and sportwriters are the midgets of the literary world, Deford wants to be known as the world's tallest midget. And in this collection of his pieces from Sports Illustrated written during the past 15 years, he stakes a good claim to the title. The best. May 14, - If Deford's not the best writer of sports around today, he's sure got numero uno hearing footsteps.

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Taylor. Age: 18. With me, you are in the right lady, when it comes to sensitive moments together On the show about dwarves on TLC, they were at like the dwarf olympics and one of the basketball players was 4'10 he was considered the Shaq of dwarf basketball. It was funny. Back to top. Reply · Replies (2). OptionsTop. Replies (2). 0 0. BayouBengals Michigan State Fan lsu14always. Member. Dec 15, - 4'10". That is the tallest you can be and still be considered a legal midget. I only know this because my mother-in-law added high heels to make it legal for her to drive without a special device. On her driver's lisence she is 4' According to an admittedly brief review of the wikipedia page, you need to have an adult height of cm or less to qualify as a dwarf (and 'midget' is supposedly a common non-medical term for 'proportionate dwarfism' in particular), so I suppose the tallest midget ever would be whoever got closest to  The World's Tallest Midget: goodnameforarockband.


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