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Watch more How to Learn French videos: French Curse Words: The Damn Near Complete Guide | RedLine Casi. Age: 20. Veronika model and escort in Milan, 29 years old, originaly from east of Europe, lovely, nice, sweet and sexy girl, hight 175 cm, with 3 cup fabulos breast, long blond hears, magic green eyes Salope Sa-lope The French have a lot of ways to say this word, something which bears further research I think. Jun 1, - This word can have a variety of meanings and intent, depending on context. It's generally a very vulgar word meaning '”asshole” or a part of the female anatomy, but can also mean “jerk” or “idiot.” However, if you say: “C'est con ” It means: “It's dumb” and it's generally acceptable. When in doubt, however. Stacy. Age: 22. Hey, guys! My name is Jade French swear words, curse words and insults This French curse became the center of a French controversy when President Sarkozy was caught saying this to a French citizen who had refused to shake his hand at an agricultural fair in France. This insult is kind of like a very rude way of saying “bugger off,” or maybe even “fuck off.” Combined with another expletive (like. Dec 3, - Need some French curse words for those WTF moments that deserve an expletive or two? Learn it all here. You still need to exercise caution and choose the company you say this to because some of it can be pretty offensive. You can, however . Connard/Connasse/Con – asshole/ b*tch. You can be.

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Pepper. Age: 24. i offer sex oral & normal Asshole translated from English to French including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Dec 1, - Just like the English equivalents, the French word salaud is reserved for men. (In fact, have you ever heard a woman get called an asshole? I guess we men have a corner on the asshole market) Salope is one of those French curse words that is harsher than its for-men-only counterpart. I say this because. Aug 7, - My list of the top French swear words. The French have a lot of ways to say this word, something which bears further research I think. This is a more common way of saying fuck and can be conjugated to say Enule (Fuck you) or you can be creative and add some of the other words we learned like.


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