Brown pigmentation around anus

Jul 23, - the anus area is known to be darker than the surrounding skin. if your boyfriend has had anal sex previously he would be awre of this. in this sense, it should pose no problem at all. The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other. Common causes of anal discoloration - Mirage Alpha Corporation Pasqualina. Age: 19. Hello guys Only squeeze the juice onto a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area once or twice a day. Its normal skin color. With zero hair down there, it's easy to see that the anal area may be darker than the rest of your skin. The darker skin, commonly known as “anal discoloration,” around the anus is due to an increased level of melanin (pigment) in the area. More melanin is generally linked to the body's way of protecting itself from the sun's. Gissela. Age: 29. Tendresse...ava Anal Bleaching: Strange But True Trend Sep 16, - i also have a discoloration around the anus area which has no particular shape, but does extend outward, it seemed to have at one time a ridge or protuded line around the perimeter of the discoloration but has went away, and it doesnt itch. and there are no unusual pains or discomfort. i havnt had this. People can develop a discoloration of skin around the anus from an anal fistula. An anal fistula is an abnormal tract that runs from the rectum or anus to the skin around the opening of the anus. Anal Fistula. According to, an anal fistula is a channel that often originates in a deep gland in the wall of a person's.

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Savanah. Age: 26. Natural body, perky breasts and a gorgeous face with personality to match ; now its time to finally meet Eva Lovia! Aug 2, - It is TOTALLY normal to have a darker skin color around your anus/buttcrack- it's a different type of skin than on the rest of your body. And this is one area where porn is incredibly misleading and in fact DANGEROUS to take as 'normal'- a lot of porn actors bleach the darker skin in their buttcracks. And if you. DIY at-home anal bleaching is becoming more and more popular as a safe and effective way to whiten the darker skin around your anal region – WITHOUT having to let the rest of the world know about it. It's the part that really convinced me to go for it in the first place, I'm definitely not bold enough to be showing off my butt. What causes swelling around the anus and a lump on the anus? of the size of a almond on the left side of anus. This is under the skin. The skin looks normal. Some times of the size of a almond on the left side of anus. This is under the skin. The skin looks normal. Some times.


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