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The Marine Space Management Plan, Plan de Gestion de l’Espace Maritime (PGEM) of Moorea was established in 2004 and includes scientific surveys of the MPAs (AMP) from the shore to the outer slope.

The Service d'Observation added MTAs (Marine Test Areas).

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AMP Eight MPAs :

  • 5 total MPAs
    • North : Tiahura, Pihaena and Aroa
    • West : Taotaha and Tetaiuo
  • 3 partial MPAs
    • East : Nuarei, Ahi and Maatea

AMT Five MTAs :

  • North : Entre deux baies (E2B) (between the 2 bays)
  • East : Temae and Afareaitu
  • West : Haapiti and Gendron

The chosen marine areas span from the shore to 70 meters depth on the outer slopes. Each marine area is divided in three zones: one fringring reef zone, one barrier reef zone and a zone on the outer slope at - 10 meters.

117 surveyed stations
In each marine area, 3 zones are described a) on the border of the fringing reef on the side of the channel or when there is none, at the frontier between fringing and barrier reef, b) on the barrier reef at 200m away from the breaking waves of the reef crest, c) on the outer slope by 10m depth.
13 Marine Areas x 3 zones for each marine area (i.e. 39 zones) x 3 stations per zone (replicates) amounts to 117 stations. Each station is materialised by a non permanent transect (25m straight line).

In each station, five "descriptive" communities are surveyed along the transect: MPA substrate cover, MPA fish assessment, MPA benthic invertebrates.

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